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About this initiative

About this initiative

We are a collective group of individuals who want to make health information easy to understand for everyone. We have a passion for health literacy because we know that understanding your health can lead to better health overall.

Why are we doing this?

We understand how confusing it can be to navigate all the information out there about a particular disease. It seems to come from every angle and it’s hard to know what to trust. When our relatives were diagnosed with various diseases, it was tough to know where to start.

Our goal is to give everyone a starting point in a way that they can fully understand. You shouldn’t have to work so hard to learn the basics about a disease. We want to be a trusted educational resource by making our content work for you.

This initiative was a big undertaking, and we could not have done it alone. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the following:

Kristina Bostley
Jamie Sanders
Leanora Cuttunaro
Broth Agency

What's next? Want to get involved?

Our pilot will set the tone for the rest of the platform. We will be moving on from Alzheimer's to other diseases that need our attention. If you'd like to get involved, discuss partnerships, or simply help get the word out, please let us know!